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Sweet Dreams

Beside the horrible dreams that I  had, like  I wrote in my posting titled “Welcome  to my nightmare” I also had sweet dreams several times. Usually I dreamed  it when I sleep normally with my man clothing. I sleep well and tight when my sweet dream occured and the next morning I usually woke up with fresh. The dreams looked like almost similar. A very attractive and sexy girl with beautiful body and face suddenly came to me. I didn’t know who she was. She tried to seduce me. She held and caressed me for a very short while. Then suddenly she went away. I didn’t know what to do from her arrival until she was gone. I could only keep silent, confused, stunned, amazed and tense but glad.

Those dreams  happened at least 3 times. Is it  a sign that I am a sissy?  Not dare to begin an intimate relationship with woman except  keep waiting ? I don’t know. Until now I still curious about that dreams. I have a hope that it will happen to me in the real world. But in reality, it becomes the other way around. I become that girl at least in the virtual world. Attracting others with the gender of my own or my opposite gender.