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Difficult To Cure, Show Me The Way In The Light

Some people say that crossdressing is a deviant behaviour and it can be cured. Start with making confession to family member or our spouse. After that our desire and lust to do crossdressing can become more  weak.

But in my opinion,  it only applies in general.  Because I have some crossdresser friends whose  wife  know about his habit and ignore or even support it. And I also have a crossdresser friend who confessed his habit to his parents, but it didn’t end up well.

In my own case, I’ve been doing this for many years. Although my desire and lust is not so strong as the passed years, but I still do it anyway. I can’t get rid off it. Yes, when I was in college I ever stop doing this for several months or maybe a year or more. But it still comes back anyway.

For me, this habit looks alike an ill that comes and goes several times in our life although we already visit a doctor to consult it and take medicine to cure it. Yes, we cured from that ill and we are healthy. But next time maybe next year that ill comes back again and attack our bodies. Just like a seasonal disease, influenza that comes and goes in our life. The difference between sick and that habit is I don’t feel miserable or pain about it.

For me, it’s very difficult to cure.  So someone if you know, please  show me the way in the light to heal me  from that habit once and for good. Give me the light that lighten my life and to find a straight way.

In my time of dying

The issue whether crossdressing is a sin or not has been argued by two friends of mine, at least. The first said it is not a sin, because it doesn’t harm anyone beside human when they are dead will be judged for what they do for others. The other said that crossdressing is a sin according to a verse in the old testament of the bible that says “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this”.

But, didn’t some verses in the Old Testament have been overhauled by Jesus ? Like in Matthew 5:38-42.Instead of demanding an eye for the replacement of an eye, He teaches us to give our another cheek when we had been slapped on the right cheek.

Isn’t crossdressing issue almost similar to food that sacrificed to idols issue in 1 Corinthians 8 ? Some say we can eat it, but some say we can not eat it.

Then the first said that my God isn’t going to judge me on my sexuality or my gender dysphoria. I believe He is going to judge me on how I conduct my life, how I treat others, how I help when I should, on the acts of goodness or kindness done unknown to others.

What he said is almost similar to this song below “I’ve only been this young once. I never thought I’d do anybody no wrong. No, not once. Oh, I did somebody some good.” A very popular song originally done by Blind Willie Johnson (originally titled “Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed”,1928). But rearranged by Led Zeppelin with title “In My Time Of Dying”. It’s about someone who is dying. Listen to the lamentation of the singer Robert Plant.

I don’t mean to interrupt your dialog. Just an intermezzo while you’re doing your dialogue. Happy holidays to you. Peace on earth good will to men.

Maybe if I were dying I do the same thing as the singer did, lamenting,  begging and  shouting His name. Will He open the gate for me ? What I am afraid of is that He will say ” Get away from Me ! I don’t know you”. ( Matthew 7:23 )

Nobody’s fault but mine

Today I read an article about whether gay couples can adopt children or not. The  article seems to make sense. It says that it can cause anxiety when the child imitate the behavior of the parents who deviate. Otherwise, another opinion says that  the child after developing adult will have his own way  and act with its own personality. The influences don’t come only from the parent, but also from the neighbourhood and school.
Introspection on myself, my parents are normal people. But I grew to like this. Then, whose fault is this? Nobody’s fault but mine, I guess.

Crossdresser selebriti apa selebriti crossdresser ? bagian 2

Di tahun 60, 70 dan awal 80 an pernah berjaya sebuah grup rock Led Zeppelin. Para pecinta musik rock tentu mengenalnya dengan baik. Grup ini kemudian menginspirasi nama Def Leppard. Pada jamannya Led Zeppelin merupakan salah satu supergroup yang nomor wahid dan mumpuni. Bersaing dengan Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Rolling Stones, Grand Funk Railroad dan sebagainya.

Lagu-lagunya yang terkenal antara lain : Black Dog, Immigrant Song, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love dan lain sebagainya.

Punggawanya terhitung awet, karena sejak dari awalnya sampai akhir tidak pernah ganti. Robert Plant pada vocal, Jimmy Page pada guitar, John Paul Jones pada bass dan John Bonham pada drum. Semeninggalnya John Bonham, Led Zeppelin pun ikut bubar demi menghormati almarhum John Bonham.

Rocker pada era itu biasanya rambutnya panjang-panjang,  sama  juga dengan jaman sekarang. Tapi khusus untuk sang gitarisnya yaitu Jimmy Page ada hal-hal yang lain dari itu hingga menjadi perhatian mass media pada masanya.

Ted Nugent, juga seorang gitaris dan vokalis rock yang semasa dengannya pernah mengatakan ” Jimmy Page terlalu cantik untuk rock’n’roll “. Entah apa maksudnya.

Sebuah media masa  juga pernah menulis kalau Jimmy Page betul-betul merawat rambut panjangnya layaknya seperti seorang wanita saja.  Pergi ke salon juga. Berbanding terbalik dengan rocker-rocker lain yang rambut panjangnya bisa dikatakan awut-awutan tidak terurus.

Kemudian pakaiannya sendiri, ia sering memakai pakaian dengan sulaman bergambar bunga atau naga pada baju dan celana panjangnya. Apalagi dengan tubuh yang langsing dan rambut panjang serta kecenderungan untuk  tidak memelihara kumis dan jenggot. Bisa dibayangkan sendiri.

Di Indonesia dulu Deddy Dores juga pernah menjadi pengekornya dalam berpakaian dengan sulaman-sulaman  dan juga gitar dengan leher gandanya.

Baru kemudian di masa tuanya penampilannya tidak sefeminim pada masa mudanya. Rambutnya lebih pendek. Pakaiannya juga lebih necis dan sopan.  Sudah kebapakan.

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