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All ’bout the money

This is a follow-up story of my intimate relationship with a man that I’ve already posted in “If  I Were A Carpenter”

For me, an old saying that says “love is blind” seems to happen in this case. He already fell in love with me, after he saw my pictures in a social network. I don’t know which one is right, whether I look a like a real woman or he didn’t take a look at my pictures very carefully.

First time he sent me message, I really surprised with his compliments. My feeling is between happy, doubt and think that it is only a spam.  With fad I replied to his message. It happened several times.

Then our relationship become more intimate and I don’t want to break his heart. Among other he said that meeting me is not a difficult thing to do, but then my heart must be ready to meet him. So I asked him how he can be so sure about his feeling to me, because we never meet. How can he be so sure that I’m a woman that can fulfil his love.  I began to remind him to observe me, search about me, investigate me and questioning myself.  But it goes like an old saying that says “dogs bark, the caravan still passes”, he keeps sending me messages containing his compliments.

Because I’m so  confused and still not dare to tell him who I really am,  so I give him a clue with a question that asks his opinion on crossdresser, lesbian and gay. But it goes the same way too as before. Maybe he’s drunk in love. What further questions and clues I must ask and say to him to give him a clear vision about me.

I finally ventured to make a confession stating that I am a crossdresser. After that he stopped sending me emails for several days. I came to conclusion that he must be shocked to know that I am a crossdresser.

Apparently,  my conclusion is wrong, because he finally sent me an email. But the content of his email makes me sure that he is only a spammer. He told me that he still loves me and he wants to send a lot of money to me, but I must keep it secret and I must give him my detail identity. A very typical message that I often receive from many letters from different persons, man and woman.

I should be ashamed to tell you about this story. My  fake love affair with a spammer. So it can be said that it’s all about money. So, maybe  any spammers want to comment on my posting ? Please feel free to leave a comment as usually you always leave me so many comments to keep me busy. 🙂


When I was browsing  Youtube and saw the song above, suddenly I remembered an old friend of mine in high school named Denis as well.  Me and Denis used to sit in same table together in the last  row in the classroom. We are close friends.

Denis and I like the others in general are also pleased joking and kidding. Sometimes also played  physical game. But there was something that Denis did to me that I didn’t like it. Denis sometimes likes to pinch and poke my breasts and buttocks while saying, “plump,  tender, a lot of meat, flirtatious, like a girl”. When I was a student, I was a bit chubby. I could not get angry with him, I also didn’t feel so offended. I just felt a bit annoyed and a bit uncomfortable. Maybe Denis saw that our table was in the last line, so no one behind us who can saw what Denis doing to me. A very good position. A hidden place.

I also  admit that Denis face is attractive. But at last we separated when we graduated. Since then I never meet Denis again and never heard of Denis again.

So, where are you now my dear friend Denis ? Are you still reading my article ? I hope you don’t angry with me, because of this article. If so, I am sorry. I hope you are doing well right now, happy with your life and your spouse. Or are you still looking for life couple ? A woman or a man ? Or both ?

Are you Lesbian ?

This morning when I logged into WordPress , I opened  “Topics” menu and looked at blogs of Lesbian. Suddenly my female co worker who sits next to my desk  said this  to me “Are you lesbian ? Why do you read about it ?”.  Did I get caught by her ? I couldn’t answer her questions. I just smile and mumble, hmmm.

But after that she continued to explain  that some friends of her son when he was schooled at a  Catholic senior high school  also ridiculed by his other friends as homo only for a reason that his friend who is male was a close friend with his another friend who is male too. And so with his female friend who was a close friend with his another female friend ridiculed as lesbian. Their desks were also written with word “homo”  or “lesbian” using tip ex or something else. I wonder although the school was a good quality Catholic school with  tight discipline, but this event still occured too.

After her explanation, I relieved. Because I think she still doesn’t know that I am a crossdresser or lesbian. I think she is only guessing or asking me.

Hubungan pendek atau korsleting

Hubungan pendek atau korsleting (dari bahasa Belanda kortsluiting) adalah suatu hubungan dengan tahanan listrik yang sangat kecil, mengakibatkan aliran listrik yang sangat besar dan bila tidak ditangani dapat mengakibatkan ledakan dan kebakaran.  ( wikipedia ) Kemungkinan yang paling tidak berbahaya untuk keadaan ini adalah listrik menjadi mati. Hubungan menjadi putus.

Kemarin saya mendapat teman  facebook cewek dari luar negeri.  Dia lebih dahulu meminta saya menjadi temannya.  Setelah  membaca sepintas informasinya, saya tahu kalau dia adalah teman dari teman saya dan  seorang lesbian.  Sayapun mengkonfirmasi permintaan pertemanannya.

Kamipun mulai chatting. Dimulai dari hal-hal yang umum dulu. Tapi tidak begitu lama, pertanyaan-pertanyaannya mulai menjurus. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan meluncur begitu cepat seperti seorang polisi sedang menginterogasi tersangka. Dimulai dengan bertanya apakah saya seorang pria atau wanita dan saya jawab sejujurnya. Ia bertanya apakah saya punya payudara. Apakah saya suka sex dan kemudian mengajak main webcam, tapi saya tolak. Lalu ia bertanya apakah saya mempunyai foto dalam keadaan bugil, saya jawab adanya dengan pakaian dalam. Sayapun memberinya link. Ia bertanya lagi apakah adik saya besar, tapi saya jawab adik saya tidak begitu besar. Dia terus bertanya apakah saya sering masturbasi dan menonton film begituan.

Setelah saya jawab, saya tanya balik bagaimana dengan kamu ? Tiba-tiba ada peringatan dari facebook kalau saya tidak mempunyai ijin untuk mengirimkan pesan kepada yang bersangkutan.  Setelah kaget dan berpikir sejenak, saya segera tahu kalau ia memblok saya. Mungkin saya tidak seperti tipe yang diinginkannya. Atau jangan-jangan saya hanya dijadikan obyek sex sekali pakainya.

Sayapun menarik kesimpulan kalau  telah terjadi hubungan pendek, korsleting  dan kamipun putus hubungan. Mungkin  pertahanan kami terlalu lemah sehingga menyebabkan aliran hawa nafsu yang terlalu besar.  Untungnya hubungan kami cuma terputus tidak sampai meledak atau terbakar.