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I Can’t Stand It. Paperwork or paperless ?


I don’t know if the quote above is still relevant or not, because nowadays we are in computer age. And almost everything now has tendency to become paperless.

Writers now maybe don’t have paperwork, except  files that stored in electronic media like flashdisk  and harddisk. Those files don’t need a large place to be stored. In other words, it’s more practical. Our office doesn’t need to look crowded anymore by papers. We don’t need a larger place to work, but a smaller place should be enough when we use computer instead of typewriter.

Because when we make a mistake, we can press delete or backspace button to erase the wrong character that we already type. And more important thing is we don’t need papers to be typed. Papers that we need to store when we finished typing. As the replacement, we store our writing in flashdisk or harddisk. And the capacity of that media is millions times more bigger than papers.

Computer nowadays  is already well known by everyone from kids until elderly.  Except maybe for some people who lives in isolated areas, underdeveloped and untouched by technology. Computer now is not a difficult thing to be learned. When we schooled, we already be taught computer lesson since in  kindergarten.