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Sweet Dreams

Beside the horrible dreams that I  had, like  I wrote in my posting titled “Welcome  to my nightmare” I also had sweet dreams several times. Usually I dreamed  it when I sleep normally with my man clothing. I sleep well and tight when my sweet dream occured and the next morning I usually woke up with fresh. The dreams looked like almost similar. A very attractive and sexy girl with beautiful body and face suddenly came to me. I didn’t know who she was. She tried to seduce me. She held and caressed me for a very short while. Then suddenly she went away. I didn’t know what to do from her arrival until she was gone. I could only keep silent, confused, stunned, amazed and tense but glad.

Those dreams  happened at least 3 times. Is it  a sign that I am a sissy?  Not dare to begin an intimate relationship with woman except  keep waiting ? I don’t know. Until now I still curious about that dreams. I have a hope that it will happen to me in the real world. But in reality, it becomes the other way around. I become that girl at least in the virtual world. Attracting others with the gender of my own or my opposite gender.

Welcome to my nightmare

Until several months ago when my desire to do crossdressing is stronger than now I usually couldn’t sleep at night before holiday. Then I usually did crossdressing  from night until dawn. I even sleep with woman dress. I did it very often. Sometimes when I sleep with woman dress, I dreamed. It happened several times. The dreams although varied but almost the same. Then usually I woke up with nervous. Of course I couldn’t sleep well and I was so tired the next day. The dreams are like this.

I dreamed I was laying in my bed with woman dress  and I covered my body with blanket to cover my crossdressing but still I  get caught by my sister. In my dream she opened my blanket  a little bit and peered into it. Then she said “sissy !”. I was surprised,  scared and of course felt ashamed in my dream. Then I woke up with nervous.

In another dream looked like I was fully crossdressing, but suddenly my family came and about to enter my house. I felt like almost being caught by them.

In another dream looked like I was crossdressing in my bedroom, but suddenly my relative wanted to enter my bedroom.

Sometimes I masturbated in my dreams too when I sleep with woman dress.

But recently I never dream like that again and I usually can sleep at night before holiday. I think it is maybe my desire to do crossdressing is not as strong as before.