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Love Letters


At first I didn’t know the meaning of proofread. But after I ran proofread writing that provided by WordPress, then I knew the meaning of proofread. It’s like correction to our words spelling that we already typed. Even so, after I know the meaning of proofread, I just run the proofread writing facility that provided by WordPress sometimes. Actually I read my articles repeatedly before I publish it. I usually preview it when I read it. I don’t know which one is better, run proofread writing that already provided or read it in preview.

The weakness if we read our article in preview mode is we can’t check our words spelling, but we can see how the article should look especially if our article is accompanied with photos or videos. But although we run proofread writing, the mistakes that we made  may also passed  especially if the wrong word is also a word that also has a meaning.

Beside that, I think the proofread writing facility that provided by WordPress can’t handle an article that typed in Bahasa Indonesia. In this case, that is my native language. Although I have changed my general settings on language into Bahasa Indonesia. But after I run proofread writing , still almost all of the words that typed in Bahasa Indonesia are underlined by red lines.

I have a funny story maybe about my habit  reading my article repeatedly before I publish it.  Although I read it over and over, sometimes I still passed a mistake or two. Thus, our articles look like love letters that we read them repeatedly before we publish them. Only the difference is our article is our love to blogging and the real love letter is our love to someone who is so special to us.

The grand illusion

There is then creative reading as well as creative writing. When the mind is braced by labor and invention, the page of whatever book we read becomes luminous with manifold allusion. Every sentence is doubly significant, and the sense of our author is as broad as the world. ( Ralph Waldo Emerson )

That quote described that a writer should have  a strong and good imagination beside wide view and objective thought. Not only a writer, but an inventor should have a strong and good imagination too.

The content of that quote seems  happening to me when I finished publishing a posting and got a random comment from WordPress. I always read the comment that is a quotation. A quotation that quoted by WordPress was usually unique. If it’s interesting according to me,  I saved it.

The reason why I saved it is :

  • That quote inspired me to make an article or a posting about that quote.
  • In case if I don’t have any ideas for long time, so I can make an idea out of that quotation. Although I have to seek and make it up, so my article suits with that quote.

After I saved it and read back. I started to imagine something that related to the quote or push my imagination about the words in the quote. Indeed, in fact, that quote is usually full of manifold allusions. If it’s so difficult for me to digest it, then it becomes a grand illusion to me. A challenge for me,

This situation makes me feel that I am a fish and WordPress is someone who is fishing and giving me a bait in the form of  a comment. That bait  then makes me eat it and create a posting after I got an idea from it.

When compared in comedy, I was the one who was given feedback  by the other comedian. A bait that makes me start joking. It looks like a very good mutual relationship between us. The first one is giving feedback that makes the other act to reach a purpose or a goal.

In this case, I should say thank you for WordPress because of  giving me a feedback or a bait. Thank you very much.

Follow Me & Friends With You

Human from the beginning was created not to be alone. The bible says  “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” ( Genesis 2:18 ).

Beside that, there was an old saying says “homo homini socius” that means human is social beings for the others. And it is still going until now. When we entered the digital era. When humans have tendency and prefer to operate their own digital things all alone  by themselves with no one disturb than to socialize and gather with the others.

Communicating, socializing  and gathering with the others now can be replaced with  sophisticated digital social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so on. If we like to promote ourselves or we like to blogging, we have WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest and so on. Via these mediums too, we can get friends as many as we like.

These mediums  sometimes can  also be an arena to show off in getting friends or followers as much as possible. In this case, this relationship or friendship that happened surely not an honest or true relationship or friendship.

If our goal is to get  friends as many as we can,  we may don’t care about the person who wants to be our friends. Whether we know or we don’t know about that person. So, I don’t wonder if Facebook made a rule if someone sends too much friendship requests, he / she can get suspended or blocked by Facebook. Like I ever heard from my friends that they get suspended or blocked by Facebook, because of sending too much requests.

Not like in Twitter where we can follow the others without getting approval first by the one who will be followed by us. This is the same with WordPress. In  Wordpress case, it’s reasonable because the main goal of blogging is to promote ourselves. Except we mark our blog as private.

These mediums have different term in the relationship. Facebook names it as friend. Twitter names it as follower. Likewise WordPress, Pinterest and Tumblr.

The relationship in Facebook is  reciprocity. It means if a person  sends me a friendship request and I approve it, so this person becomes to be my friend. And vice versa, automatically I become to be that person’s friend.

The relationship in Twitter is one direction. It means if a person follows me, that person becomes to be my follower. But I still don’t follow that person and I’m not the follower of that person until I click the follow button of that person.

These mediums are so powerful until we can get many supports from our followers or friends to drive a social movement or even to make a revolution like that happened in Egypt.

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Mister, Your eyes are full of hesitation. Sure makes me wonder
If you know what you’re looking for. Baby I wanna keep my reputation
I’m a sensation. You try me once, you’ll beg for more.

Oh, Yes Sir, I can boogie. But I need a certain song.
I can boogie, Boogie woogie. All night long.

Oh, Yes Sir, I can boogie. If you stay, you can’t go wrong.
I can boogie, Boogie foogie. All night long.

No Sir I don’t feel very much like talking
No, neither walking. You wanna know if I can dance.

Yes Sir, Already told you in the first verse
And in the chorus. But I will give you one more chance.

Mister WordPress, I can see your eyes are full of hesitation.  Sure it makes me wonder  what you’re looking for to make a posting get “Freshly Pressed”.  But I wanna keep my reputation, I’m a sensation. You try me once, I’ll beg for more.

Oh, Yes Sir WordPress, I can boogie. But I need a certain song from Youtube or other parties.

No Sir WordPress, I don’t feel very much like talking. You can see that most of my postings contain relatively short essays. No, neither walking or travelling. You wanna know if I can dance.

Yes Sir WordPress, like I already show you in my earlier  postings.  And in this posting too.  But I will give you one more chance. But first I want to say thank you for  Youtube for the music.

Why Don’t You Write Me The Sound of Silence

I really like WordPress. One of the things that I like from WordPress is a random comment that always follow when you published a post. Sometimes it inspires me. Like when I finished a posting and I got a comment “Writing is a struggle against silence”.  Of course, I agree with it.

Writing at least can spend our spare time instead of we keep silent and don’t know what to do. Beside that,  silence likes a cancer grows that can kill us when we have so much time and have nothing to do or don’t know what to do.
Writing can express our heart’s content. Beside that,  writing can help us to think sequentially and in order. Maybe find some solutions and solve some problems to what we write about.
And maybe if we do it more seriously  and our writing is very specifically, writing can make money.

Don’t forget too that writing is also taught since we were children. When we started to go to school. Remember that we sometime also given a homework to make an essay. So basically, writing is a general job that everyone can do it. Only we must improve our writing skill continuously.

On the other hand, silence has positive aspects too. When we want to get rid off the frenetic bustle of urban or we want to contemplate or meditate or pray, we need silence as well.

So, when I publish this posting, what will be  the next WordPress comment ? Anybody knows ? I hope WordPress will give a random comment that will inspire me. Thank you so much for your random comment.

masuk kotak

“Masuk kotak” in Indonesian language can have bad meanings. Like in this case, he excluded from the competition. It means he failed and can not  enter the final. But it can have different meaning to me. Maybe it can even have opposite meanings.

After I published my posting “Made in Thailand”, I idly check the topics about ladyboy.  Apparently and all of sudden, my posting was on the top and get exposed in the box. I’m so glad and I can’t believe it. Before that I never get exposed at the top of topics, except  in the second from above.

Although I don’t know exactly what it means. But by that way, coincidentally my posting gets exposed and so my picture too.

Whereas a few days or weeks earlier, my post never showed up. Until I get curious and keep guessing why my posting never shows up in the related topics.

Whether my blog or my postings have too many tags ? Or maybe because of other reasons,  I’m not sure about it. So I just reorganized my tags and made it fewer by deleting tags that don’t be used too much. After that, several times I checked the related topics of my postings after I published a posting. But still my postings didn’t show up until today.

So through this posting I like to ask WordPress what exactly the reason why my postings never showed up again in related topics ? Whereas before my postings always showed up in the related topics after I published them. Or have I broken some rules ?